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PSA Passports Module

PSA Safety Passport Renewal Module

This module is for those who already have the PSA Safety Passport and need to renew this. It is not for those yet to gain the passport.

The PSA Elearning Platform

Convenient and Cost-effective training for PSA members....

The PSA are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Maguire Training.

This E-learning Platform holds nearly 100 modules of learning that can fast-track the development of employees at every single member organisation.

You'll see from searching through the site that there are a range of modules and these include:

  • E-learning for Managers
  • E-learning for Leaders
  • E-learning for Sales People
  • E-learning for Self-Discovery
  • E-learning for Health & Safety
Featured Modules
Effective Time ManagementExcellent Customer ServiceUnderstanding Profit, Cash Flow and the Balance Sheet

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